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Imagine you are a settler in the Ohio Country. You live with your family in an isolated farmhouse.  The year is 1756, and you are 12 years old. Your father is away in the fields when an American Indian raiding party appears in your dooryard. Your mother is killed, and they take you and your younger brother (6) captive.

Now, imagine that you are an American Indian. The year is 1756, and you are a 16 year old boy. Last year, your mother and younger sister, and two of your best friends died of smallpox. The year before that, you and your entire tribe had to relocate to the westward in order to avoid white settlers and find better hunting grounds. You are about to go on your first raiding party.

Pick one of these experiences, and continue the story in a short narrative.
How would you feel?  What will happen to you?

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